The terrific Leonard Maltin had kind words about “Asheville Movies Volume I: The Silent Era.” He even links Laurie Crosswell’s fine article about the book from the Mountain XPress.

Here’s what he had to say.

ASHEVILLE MOVIES VOLUME 1: THE SILENT ERA by Frank Thompson (Men With Wings Press)

“North Carolina is a movie magnet and has been from the earliest days of the cinema. From the lush Blue Ridge Mountains to the wild and windy coasts of the Outer Banks, the state abounds with visual splendor. In a phrase often used to describe performers, North Carolina has a face that the camera loves.” So writes Frank Thompson, a film historian who earned that title long ago, having penned authoritative books on topics ranging from William A. Wellman to The Nightmare Before Christmas. Having recently moved to the North Carolina, he set out to learn if his adoptive home had any connection to the movies (before a permanent studio was established in Wilmington). He wound up with a minor jewel of a book about silent film production in Asheville, N.C. Using his experience as a researcher, he discovered a fascinating history—along with the frustrating realization that none of the silent features made there still exist. That doesn’t make his account any less interesting; if anything, it piques my curiosity. Asheville Movies Volume 1 is available as a paperback or an e-book at www.menwithwingspress.com. If you’d like to read an excellent article about Frank’s discoveries, click HERE

“A minor jewel?” I’ll take it.

There’s always something great at his website. Visit it here:




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