“Conquest of Canaan’s” mystery bridge

I’ve been driven nearly mad trying to identify the bridge seen in “The Conquest of Canaan” (1921). Almost every time I’ve screened the film, someone suggests to me that it’s the Carrier Bridge which it clearly is not.   But … Read More


The terrific Leonard Maltin had kind words about “Asheville Movies Volume I: The Silent Era.” He even links Laurie Crosswell’s fine article about the book from the Mountain XPress. Here’s what he had to say. ASHEVILLE MOVIES VOLUME 1: THE … Read More

New article on “Asheville Movies Volume I: The Silent Era”

Laurie Crosswell, writing for Asheville, North Carolina’s Mountain XPress, gave my book a nice review. She writes: “Thompson’s book uncovers a bygone cinematic history and, in so doing, provides new views and insights about Asheville. Divided into seven chapters, Asheville Movies, … Read More

New Book on Asheville Silent Films

“Asheville Movies Volume I: The Silent Era” by Frank Thompson tells the story of a forgotten era in film history, covering all movies made in Asheville, North Carolina from 1900 to 1929. From the “actualities” early in the 20th century, … Read More