“Conquest of Canaan’s” mystery bridge

I’ve been driven nearly mad trying to identify the bridge seen in “The Conquest of Canaan” (1921). Almost every time I’ve screened the film, someone suggests to me that it’s the Carrier Bridge which it clearly is not.
But the Carrier Bridge did figure in Asheville silent movie history.
Six years before “Conquest,” Capt. Robert Reynolds staged an explosion on the bridge for an action sequence in his feature, “Captain Bob of the National Guard” (1915).
Reynolds was apparently overzealous in placing the explosive charges on the bridge and caused substantial damage. But when filming began, he had promised the City Council that he would be responsible for any harm his film caused and he was as good as his word. The same day that he shot the scene, he had a repair crew at the bridge making it as good as new.

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    • Margaret,

      Of course you may. I am a firm believer in free speech.

      It was, however, definitely and without question, not Carrier bridge. Carrier is much higher over the water than this one. The grill work is completely different. Even the bend in the river under Carrier is very different. Plus, there is no road beside the “Conquest” bridge and there was at the time no small neighborhood on one side and a large house (nearly a mansion) on the other side of Carrier. The length of the two bridges are nothing alike nor are the steel spans which hold up each bridge even remotely similar.

      If you have a good argument to make, I’m all ears. I’ve studied this for two years now. I’m often wrong, however, so please convince me.


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